I'm starting to hate bzrtools 0.11.0

My Ph.D. thesis is (obviously) being written in LaTeX and (even more obviously) being edited with Vim. The VCS I'm using to save my ass is (less obviously) bzr.

I chose it just for fun, but I must say that I'm quite happy with it and I'm also considering using some of its distributed features to track an external Subversion repository (using bzr-svn) which contains changes to my BibTeX database to merge them back in my local copy.

Still, the next time I see the following message, there is a non-negligible probability that I'll totally freak out:

zack@aquarium:~/thesis$ bzr st
Bzrtools is not up to date with installed bzr version 0.11.0.
There should be a newer version available, e.g. 0.11.

I'm ready to offer a bounty of 1 beer (to be paid at the next Debconf) to the first who fixes it in sid!