Flickr_download (.rb): Flickr batch downloader

A while ago I decided to give Ruby a try. And of course the best way to do that on a programming language you don't know is write something in it.

The result is flickr download.rb: a batch downloader of Flickr! photo sets.

It handles all the stuff of Flickr! authentication/authorization via the shared secret, API key and so on (see the Flickr! API). Then, specifying the username of a photoset owner and the photoset (either by title or id) it downloads in a batch fashion the best available size of contained photos. Command line interface of course.

Despite its simplicity and how useful it looks to me, I was unable to find a similar tool already available somewhere. Maybe because the usefulness of such an utility is diminished by the requirement imposed by the Flickr! API that the owner of a photoset must first authorize the tool before it can be used, but I still found it very useful to download my photos batchly ...


Sample usage

$   # let's try on my Debconf6 photo set
$ flickr_download -u zacchiro -i 72157594247689892
will download 53 photos(s)
starting download of ...
starting download of ...
starting download of ...


starting download of ...
waiting for all downloads to complete ...
all done.


At line 44, it requires a flickr module.

What do I have to apt-get install?

Comment by zoobab Mon 19 Apr 2010 12:22:01 PM CEST

When I wrote it, the ruby library for flickr was not in Debian, but it is linked from the blog post.

I didn't check a posteriori if it is now in Debian or not.


Comment by zack Mon 19 Apr 2010 01:52:40 PM CEST