More Functional Programming in Python 2.5, where's the Syntax?

I'm glad to read that more functional stuff is coming with Python 2.5, especially for the introduction of partial application, the heart of functional programming.

Still, FP is not only about semantics, is also about fostering code reuse and implementing stuff in more elegant and concise way. For such stuff to be effective though, a nice and handy syntax is (IMO) mandatory. Anyone knowing i J. Random Functional Language (whatever Lisp dialect, ML, Haskell, ...) should be able to guess how to apply function partially in Python.

Considering that Python has a long history of syntactic extensions via PEPs (think about list comp or generator expressions) I fail to understand why to apply a function partially I have to write something as ugly as:

all_evens = functools.partial(all_divided_by, x=2)

It's only me or the most natural syntax, that everyone would be able to guess out of the box, would have been:

all_evens = all_divided_by(x=2)