As Fast as Wikipedia

Yesterday evening I was zapping on the (Italian) television. A rare event since I'm not really fond of (especially Italian) television, but sunday evening offers a nice interview show on Rai 3 with Fabio Fazio.

At the end of the show the director of the network (Claudio Cappon) made a phone call to the anchorman announcing that Enzo Biagi, interviewed during the show, is going to come back working on Rai 3. That's a great news, since Enzo Biagi was basically fired during the years of Berlusconi's government, after the so called Editto Bulgaro, since he was too much irreverent with our former prime minister (damn!, is still painful to refer to Berlusconi as our "former prime minister", I wonder how much this feeling will last ...). That was one of the saddest page of Italian mass-media history.

A few minutes after the end of the show (the time of having some water and washing my teeth) I went to the wikipedia page about Biagi, looking for the story of his daughter and I found the mention of his coming back to the Italian television. According to the history of wikipedia the page was changed during the interview (when Biagi firstly mentioned his probable coming back to television) and again 5 minutes after the end of the show to mention Cappon's phone call.

That was fast!