DebConf7: tickets bought!

I did it: yesterday I bought the plane tickets for DebConf7. I'll arrive there (from Milano Malpensa, MPX) on June 14th for leaving on June 24th.

This year I decided not to attend the DebCamp since the beginning, partly due to the likelihood of university duties in June (and 3 more days can mean a lot), and partly because I'm convinced that the first days of DebCamp are not that productive/fun. Last year that was the case .... and no, not only for the network issues.

Other Italians attending the conference and willing to share the plane trip can have a look at my post on debian-devel-italian@l.d.o for more info.

See you in EDI.

P.S. do we already have a Wiki page for stating who/is-arriving/when? Or are the information submitted in Pentabarf going to be disclosed anytime before the conference?