Looking for a Gstreamer Pipeline for Remote Audio with Rhythmbox

Dear Lazyweb,

i'm looking for a gstreamer custom pipeline for configuring Rhythmbox so that I can execute it remotely via X and deliver audio to the local machine.

Can you help me out?

In exchange to your help I offer:

  • recipe for obtaining remote audio playing with XMMS using EsounD:

    1. on the local machine run esd as follows

         $ esd -nobeeps -tcp -public
    2. on the remote machine run XMMS, enter the preferences (CTRL-P), "Audio I/O Plugins" tab, choose "eSound Output Plugin" as "Output Plugin", click "Configure" and enter the address of the local machine, TCP port is 16001

  • recipe for playing an ogg/mp3/whatever file located on the remote machine via network using Gstreamer pipelines, postponing the audio decoding on the local machine so that network usage is minimized:

    1. on both local and remote machines install the gstreamer-tools package

    2. on the local machine run

         $ gst-launch tcpserversrc host= port=3000 ! decodebin ! audioconvert ! alsasink
    3. on the remote machine run

         $ gst-launch filesrc location=yourfile.mp3 ! tcpclientsink host=localmachine port=3000

Now, would you be so kind in giving me back another pipeline? :-)

PS oh, yes, a way to configure the remote Rhytmbox so that the local esd server is used would be fine too ...

Update: thanks to the tip from Marius I found the solution: I run esd on the local machine as per the XMMS recipe and then I run rhythmbox as follows: ESPEAKER=localmachin rhythmbox