vim-scripts maintenance

Mixed research meeting in which universities get in touch with big companies are fun, especially at the end, when the planning phase is reached and different, often conflicting, interests show up: academic fellows pulling the blanket from one side (trying to postpone deadlines, planning paper submissions, ...) and industry hard-workers pulling it to the opposite site (which results when, press releases, ...)

But the mutual presentations at the beginning of those meetings are sooooo boring, especially when you (as an academic) have to listen at the company presentation: buzzwords, organizational charts, quadrillions of $ invested in R&D in the last years, bla bla bla.

What's better to occupy that time slots than Debian hacking?

So this morning I proudly uploaded a new version of vim-scripts (7.0.5) which is itself proud to be the version with the longest changelog entry in the package history (49 lines).

Among the most notable changes you can find:

  • addition of vimplate (closing madduck's wishlist bugreport), a powerful templating system embedded with Vim and based on Perl's Template Toolkit

  • migration of debian/rules to CDBS and a lot of other cosmetic clean-up changes

  • addition of dtd2vim (the tool needed to create Vim data files for contextual completion on XML files, on which I will probably blog in the next entry of "Vim Tip of the Day")

  • addition of several patches which enable the disabling (sorry) of plugins which are system-wide enabled by addition of let definitions in your ~/.vimrc (these changes are functional to the forthcoming vim-addon-manager, currently in the NEW queue)

Enjoy vim-scripts now!