Google Summer of Code 2007: Call for Proposals

Yesterday I took some time to reorganize the wiki page with Debian proposals for this year Google Summer of Code. The more relevant change is that we wont consider for free last year proposals as this year proposals. The rationale for that is to avoid proposals staying there just for inertia.

So please take some time to promote last year proposals to this year proposals (just moving them up in the wiki page) if you're still interested in them. Eventually we will remove last-year non-promoted proposals.

Now we also have a template for describing proposals in more details to be used for avoiding cluttering the main wiki page. You would be very kind with us if, when promoting last year proposals, you will also take the time to create and fill the corresponding templates :-).

If you're interested in proposing something for the GSoC go and add your proposal to the wiki page, now it's the time!

PS no, you're right, in this post there isn't much more than what I just posted to d-d-a, it's only to augment the SPAM level...