Post-Etch Frenzy: Ocamlnet 2.2.7 in Unstable

Ok ok, ..., I admit it, I'm yet another victim of the post-release frenzy: right now I'm uploading to unstable the long overdue packages of Ocamlnet, 2.2.x series.

Since the former upload to experimental there were 3 micro releases (now we are at 2.2.7), which also added support for the apache connector for CGIs (which unfortunately doesn't yet build cleanly with Debian's apache2 :-/ I'll have a look at it in the near future).

In the meantime the post-etch madness continues: with the help of other fellow DDs from the Debian OCaml Task Force (thanks for your help Ralf!) I'm working on the packaging of the beta of OCaml 3.10.0. Expect an upload to experimental in the next few days.

All this is tiresome though, enough for today, time for some good old sci-fi book ...