On the Power of a Blog (and of the Vatican)

That the Vatican in Italy is a relevant institution able to (directly or indirectly) influence the media is not a big news, actually is not even a news. So it does not come as a surprise that the BBC documentary "Sex Crimes and Vatican" about the so called Crimen Sollicitationis (dated 29 September 2006) has never been mentioned on popular italian newspapers and televisions ... until a couple of days ago.

So far so "good".

What annoys me quite a bit is that the day after Beppe Grillo posted something on the subject on his blog (which according to the author is in the top ten of most read blog on the net, even though I've never checked the validity of such claim) the news is first on Repubblica, one of the most read italian newspaper, and then topic of a national debate for its possible presentation on an italian tv show, held by Michele Santoro.

Come on, of course journalists do not need a blog to get their news. Someone please make me think something else than that seeing a post on a popular blog removes the shyness of journalists about "disclosing" such a news to Italians...