Debcamp is productive

Shame on me for having underestimated the productiveness of DebCamp/DebConf. This year I'm overwhelmed by things to do and the first (for me) 2 days of DebCamp have really been productive.

Yesterday the Zenoss packaging has taken off. We have already implemented (thanks to Fabio) the needed changes in dzhandle to properly handle ZEO databases, added user management for the zenoss system user, updated the documentation and we started working on the dbconfig-common stuff (we also have just noticed that Seanius, dbconfig-common author, is arriving tomorrow at DebConf, what a great occasion!).

Today I've worked more on the OCaml packaging side. A first working version of OCaml 3.10.0 is now available in experimental .. ehm, oops, I meant in the NEW queue; CamlP4 available in there has been finally properly split into (huge) pieces and people can start rebuilding OCaml packages against it.

Next day, actually hour, exciting adventures for me include:

  • Vim packaging stuff (Jamessan has just arrived in EDI as well, and we plan to both kickstart the Debian Vim policy and to do some vim-specific BSP)

  • OCaml automatic dependency handling stuff. In a few minutes me, Gildor, and Jcristau will brainstorming about that ... somewhere in this castle.

Wow, I'm overwhelmed, but it's actually soooo fun!