Decent printing of HTML pages (via LaTeX)

More and more frequently I happen to have the need of printing (X)HTML pages. I guess this is a good sign: given that (almost) the only stuff I print are academic papers, this might means that I'm encountering more frequently papers which are freely available on the web as web pages and not as PDF/Postscript stuff which I can access only via the IP addresses of my university.

But let's get back to the main rant.

It appears that printing decently HTML pages is not that easy. Firefox per default prints in huge and ugly fonts consuming tons of resulting pages. Out of my memory I remember that with the old Netscape reducing the font size used to impact the printing font size, but I'm no longer able to do that with Firefox.

Similarly, a2ps and html2ps do not seem to produce decent results for me.

Today I stumbled over the weird idea of passing through (La)TeX to exploit the supposedly human-oriented layout algorithm of the suite and I found the gnuhtml2latex package, maintained by Gunnar.

So far it is working like a charm. Well ok, to be honest sometimes the generated LaTeX does not compile properly out of the box, but fixing it so far has always been easy and the quality of the resulting printed pages is wonderful!

I'm just puzzled about the weird tool name ..., why not "gnugplv2orabovehtml2latex" then?