Too Many Python Parser Generators

Dear LazyWeb, there are too many Python parser generators.

There is a Wiki page comparing them, articles at various editions of the Python conference, tons of mailing list posts. I'm so bored about all this amount of information (which I actually did read some months ago) that I'm not even willing to look for the relevant hyperlinks and add them here; that sucks.

( Rant: I frankly have hard time in believing that a language with a respectable standard library as Python has failed so far in establishing a de facto solution for parser/lexer generations. However this seems to be the case. )

Feeling lost, I convinced myself that I wanna go for a Python-Bison glue, so that at least I'll have a grammar in a widespread format that I can reuse in other languages in case of need. But even in this case there seems to be several Python-Bison glues out there :-( ... and almost all seem to be dead projects!

Dear LazyWeb, any suggestions about which to choose?