No "debian" on undoubtfully a bug!

The mention that the word "Debian" does not appear in the recent announce about Gutsy on the website by Lucas reminded me something. Indeed, though I'm yet another DD that so far has never played the ubuntu bashing game, I remember having in the past tried to find the word "debian" on the ubuntu website.

At the time of writing, using the site search on, results in just a few hits, all of them are marginal: maintenance, the fact that Canonical employees are part of Debian, and an announcement as old as Ubuntu 5.04. What I want to see there is just a tiny teeny sentence that explain where a huge deal of Ubuntu packages come from and a mention of all the wonderful collaborative maintenance projects in which DDs and Canonical employees (or even MOTUs) work together to build great packages.

So I wondered that it was probably a fault of mine: I wasn't looking in the right place of the website. Let's try with, since the ubuntu website is CMS/Wiki based it seems like a good attempt, doesn't it? But no luck: "Sorry, the page you are looking for was not found".

But then, down in the page, I saw the root of the problem: "please consider reporting this problem as a bug". It is obvious now: it's simply a bug in the website! Let's point the maintainers to it ...

As a careful bug reporter I first searched to check whether the bug was already reported, according to this search it hasn't (though now that you're clicking on it you're probably seeing something, when I did I got "No results for search debian").

So let's report the bug, the result is bug #154274 on launchpad. Let's see what will happen to it.

Update: the reply on launchpad was really fast. I've followed up with what I think should be mentioned on the ubuntu website regarding Debian. Feel free to help out with your comments in the launchpad entry.