Buggy Vcs-Svn fields around

My statistics flu continues (oh, BTW, don't worry, I'll be quiet again on planet RSN). This time I wanted to check how many packages are maintained using some Version Control System in Debian, but at the same time are not declaring a proper Vcs-XXX field in their debian/controls.

With the help of Goneri and the svnbuildstat I've managed to cross the data used to actually build nightly packages from subversion repositories with the Vcs-XXX fields declared in Debian source packages. The outcome is yet another daily updated page which lists packages which are missing Vcs-Svn field and/or declare a wrong one (i.e. one which is not in sync with what svnbuildstat is using to build the package).

You might want to have a look to the corresponding dd-list to see if some of your packages need to be fixed. Several of mine do for example ...

Oh, of course the check is limited to what svnbuildstat knows. If you want to be checked it's a good idea to ask for the addition of your repository to svnbuildstat.

Update: changed URLs to point to the new stat page locations