The PTS has grown RSS feeds

These days I'm taking part in the Extremadura Debian QA Metting. Today is the first day and I've mostly spent it doing some PTS hacks.

The first visible tiny teeny outcome of that is the addition of RSS feeds for the "latest news" part of each package page. For example, in the PTS page of bash you can see a link to the corresponding RSS feed. (Other package pages will need a bit to be completely regenerated by the current PTS run ...)

Thanks to KiBi and Luk the pages are now also listing links to the corresponding entry in svnbuildstat.

Forthcoming additions are links to outcome of the piupart tests run by Liw and H01ger and 2 new markers: one for lowThresholdNmu-ability and the other for maintenance by Debian Maintainers. Stay tuned!