On wiki.d.o and PTS styles

[Eddy, you're totally right in stating that it is a pity to base the PTS reword on the wiki.d.o current theme. Actually, it would have been a pity :-), indeed after some people commenting that the wiki.d.o current theme is just one of moin's default I've made up my mind.

In particular, thanks to Dan Callahan who contributed a new CSS, we now have a really more Debian-ish theme for the PTS. Here are some samples though, as you can guess from the URL, these links are not meant to last. I've been quite busy since my return from Extremadura and that's why I haven't mentioned the new colors on planet; I guess the next you'll see is directly a change in the PTS pages in the next days or something.

On the reworking of the wiki.d.o theme though, I think making it resemble www.d.o is not the way to go. After all there have been many proposals to change it because a lot of people think it is not that nice, and many more think that it feels very old-fashioned, actually: too much old-fashioned. (The fact that those actual proposals haven't been turned into a working reality is sad, but somewhat unrelated ...)

I would much prefer to see a wiki.d.o theme that is somewhat Debian-ish, i.e. it uses our "social colors", but which feels less ancient than current www.d.o. I think Dan's work is an example that something in that spirit can be achieved, maybe we can collaborate? (Well, actually you can, I'm nowhere near a web designer :-) )