my christmas gift: a new homepage

Funnily enough, while Dato was migrating his homepage to ikiwiki, I was doing the same as my own personal Xmas gift to myself.

I moved from the domain to (a virtual host machine on, where you can now see my shiny new homepage.

The migration was easy, though quite boring, especially the part of adding redirects. Indeed, I have set up almost all redirects, including the blog feed, but at the point where I've reorganized my initial blog posts (which weren't following the YEAR/MONTH/NAME scheme) I gave up in setting up the redirects for that. That means that my ancient blog posts (including some about the VCS fields) will have some 404 on Google for some time: that's life, that's the Web.

I now also have a more specific feed for Planet Debian on my blog, and playing with ikiwiki's show parameter for blogging I'll do my best to avoid flooding.

Follows a big fat warning post to inform people about the blog new feed ...