happy newS year

So this was Christmas, new year, et al. Too bad Murphy struck again on the first day of my (theoretical) vacation, delivering me a nice flu (not yet completely absorbed). Nevertheless I managed to do something funny in the last few days:

  • I remembered that I do have, as all other DDs, a personal lintian page and I have thus spent some time fixing warning ignored since ever (almost all uploads are still in delayed queues however); while I was at it I also decided to "destroy" my lintian page moving my name to Uploaders for packages that still weren't co-maintained. (/me eager to see this implemented, go Russ, go!)

  • I have fixed the vcs field stats page to consider as equal Vcs-Svn fields pointing to URLs like svn://svn.debian.org/foo and svn://svn.debian.org/svn/foo which are indeed the same final path on alioth. That's why in the graph you now see an inversion in the relative positions of field with wrong value and correct field, in case you were wondering. Thanks to Sandro Tosi for the hint.

  • I have finally managed to leave the 18th century my mail set-up was living in: goodbye pop + fetchmail + mutt, welcome imap4 + offlineimap + mutt. In the former setup I was unable to read my old mails while away from my laptop, now I have decent replicas of my full mailboxes in various places. I'm still a bit unhappy about how can I force a send/receive email cycle: with fetchmail I used to have a demonized fetchmail running in the background and just executing fetchmail I was able to force that. Now, with offineimap, I've an autorefresh-ed offlineimap running inside screen and I need to bring up the screen and then hit 1 to trigger a sync cycle.

... now back to that paper introduction due for December 26th :-/

Update: changed URLs to point to the new stat page locations