PTS now sports DEHS information

During the last week I've started again doing some PTS hacking. Mostly it has been bug triaging and squashing ... I'll probably blog a summary of that sooner or later. In the meantime however an interesting mini-announcement is due: the PTS is now integrated with DEHS to help maintainers in knowing where a newer upstream version of their packages is available.

The integration is twofold:

  1. if you are subscribed (via the PTS mail interface) to the "summary" keyword for a given package you will be notified of the availability of newer upstream versions. Kudos to Raphael Geissert for the work on the DEHS side of this

  2. in the PTS page related to a given source package you can now see a TODO item about the need to package a newer upstream version and a problem item if the last uscan attempt on your package failed

There is an entry about that in the forthcoming DeveloperNews, it will eventually flow to d-d-a.