Dear Jane Street, no "read more" in your aggregated blog posts, please

The title says most of my topic. When blogs are aggregated it is quite annoying to have "read more" links in the aggregated version, as one has to click away from the aggregator she is using, and this is not even always possible when batchly downloading posts and reading them offline. This is even "more impossible" when the original source of the blog post has a temporarily unresolvable domain name ... :-)

Can we please stick to an un-written policy of not aggregating on the wonderful OCaml-related planet we now have posts with "read more"-style links? On other planets this seems to be a de facto rule and works well.

Beside that I'm very pleased in reading Jane Street blog and I'm kinda surprised I have missed it thus far. Yet another good reason for spreading the verb of OCamlcore's planet: subscribe subscribe subscribe, add your blog add your blog add your blog, read read read, ... :-)