OCaml(Core) GForge enters beta testing status

Since a few weeks we have set up a team of people which is working on offering software services for the OCaml community, which in this respect has been lagging behind other programming language communities for too long. By chance, the team has turned out to be composed by Debian DDs and contributors (Sylvain Le Gall which is leading the effort and also offering hardware via his new company, Pietro Abate, Romain Beauxis, and myself). The name of the project is OCamlCore.

A few weeks ago we announced the availability of an OCaml-related planet, which since yesterday is also being advertised on the resource page of the language.

The other relevant service we are setting up is a forge for hosting OCaml-related software projects. Yesterday we have finally announced the beta testing of the forge, which is available at http://forge.ocamlcore.org. We are now looking for people which has a OCaml-related software projects which want to go to a forge or want to migrate there, and are willing to help us in discovering and fixing potential pending issues. If you are interested please read the announcement, register to the forge, and submit the project request. Please state explicitly in the project description that you are aware of the current beta testing status.

Your help is needed and will be very much appreciated!