Debian testing transitions: OCaml 3.10.1 ... and 3.10.2!

The shape of OCaml 3.10.1 in Debian wrt the testing transition is getting better. As you can see from the OCaml status page in Debian we are almost there.

This has been the first OCaml transition (almost) entirely done with binNMUs. We requested about 100 binNMUs, with the corresponding dep-waits, and the buildds did the fine exercise. Since binNMUs do not rebuild arch:all packages, some remaining bits had to be uploaded by hand, I've finished that fine exercise last Sunday. In 5 days from now or so the wait time for that bits should be over and OCaml 3.10.1 should happily transition to testing.

The binNMUs requests, as well as the dep-waits, have been generated mechanically using a script contributed by Stephane Glondu, exploiting the build-dependencies information we already had. A small bug in the various involved scripts let a missing dep-wait slip through and we had to re-request builds for ocamlnet, but beside that all went fine ... it will go even better next time (now that the bugs has been fixed).

... and speaking about the next time :-), OCaml 3.10.2 has been released a few days ago (what a timing, eh?). Yesterday I've uploaded it to experimental, you can get if from there to test if everything is fine with it. As soon as the current transition is over we can right ahead requests the new binNMUs and hope to have 3.10.2 in Lenny.