Sir Tim Berners-Lee kudos the Debian packaging system

I'm currently in Beijing to deliver a talk at the WWW2008 conference, and I just came back from the usual magnificent banquet of big conferences. Before the banquet it was scheduled a keynote talk by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

What is the least thing you expect to hear from Sir Tim mouth in such a talk? I for sure hadn't expected to hear kudos to the Debian packaging system! But in fact I did hear that and apparently I was not the only one (though probably I was the only one who got excited about it, attracting the attention of my table-mates).

He was talking about various shortcoming to be addressed in the future of the Web, and one was the hackish way in which Javascript/AJAX applications are deployed on the web, with no encapsulation/packaging of libraries. Well, as an example to tend to he then mentioned the packaging system of our beloved distribution.

It is really the time to say: we are just one step away from the total world (wide web) domination.