Jane St. (OCaml) Core in Debian

As recently announced, core has landed. It is an alternative/extended OCaml standard library developed by Jane Street Capital. At first sight it looks like ground breaking: a well-engineered standard library fixing several shortcomings of OCaml legacy standard library, both in terms of missing functionalities and syntactic sugar (e.g. the monadic operators which everybody was basically re-defining from scratch in their own code).

After a day-n-half of work I'm proud to announce that core is now available in Debian. It took me a while as we were missing several of core dependencies.

Overall, the resulting new 5 source packages are bin-prot, ocaml-res, janest-core, type-conv, sexplib310. All of them as been uploaded to experimental; beside sexplib (which went through NEW in just a few hours!!), the other 4 are sitting in NEW. In the meantime you can take the packages from my people.d.o space.

I haven't yet uploaded them to unstable because some more audit is required for dependencies (e.g. I haven't build them in cowbuilder due to some annoyance related to the current Perl 5.10 transition).

The only annoying aspect of the whole business is that bin-prot is ATM supported only little endian architectures, and this is inherited by core ...