Some more stats: $VCS distribution for Debian packaging

I've set up yet another stat page, this time it's about the distribution of $VCS for Debian packaging. It's as trivial as you can imagine: it gets all the Vcs-XXX fields out of unstable Sources and plot how many packages are using a given $VCS.

I've got no surprises in the relative popularity of $VCS: subversion is clearly the most widespread (with about 2700 packages on a total of about 13000) and git is growing (700 packages); with the exception of bzr (90 packages), all the other are used by less then 50 packages. Thanks to Lucas I've also included graphs in the page, as I think it would be interesting to monitor the evolution. (Probably as everybody) I'm confident to see an increasing trend for git balanced by a decrease of subversion, we'll see.

The total number of packages using some $VCS is encouraging, we are at about 29% of the archive (you know that if your package is not declearing some Vcs- headers in its source stanza I'm not counting it, right? Go add the headers!).

Interesting side effect: as I'm now maintaining a handful of these stat pages, I was pondering «hey, we should create a wiki page with pointers to all the stat pages about Debian we have». Well, in fact it already exists: Statistics on wiki.d.o.