Mancoosi paper for DebConf8 now available

As previously announced, I'll be attending DebConf this year, as I did for the past 3 years.

Beside the usual projects and ideas one carries with himself on his way to a DebConf, this time I will also be there to present part of my everyday work in the Mancoosi project. Very briefly (and a bit too simplistic) Mancoosi is working on pushing forward the research and technology needed to deliver better package managers to the users of open source software distributions.

The project presentation event proposed by me and Ralf Treinen has been accepted in the DebConf main track. The presentation will discuss what the former EDOS project did, what Mancoosi is doing right now, trying to focus on their relationships with Debian. In case you are interested I suggest to attend the talk which will be delivered by yours truly (what else can I suggest? :) )

In the meantime, the accompanying paper is now available, you can take a sneak peek if you are interested in knowing more about Mancoosi right ahead. The paper is available in .pdf format from both my homepage and from the Pentabarf event page as an attachment (the latter, as all Pentabarf events, needs login for reasons that I still fail to understand ...).


  • paper (PDF format, 316 Kb)