more PTS hacking: mentors.d.n and gift/help bugs

Some more PTS hacking at DebConf8.

Among about 20 bugs triaged/fixed thus far, 2 are peculiar and integrate some more info in PTS package pages.

  • Pending mentors.d.n uploads (Debian bug #463050) in need of sponsoring, are now shown as TODO items. This way the maintainer has better chances to not overlook them.

A minor glitch is currently affecting this though: when pending uploads on mentors.d.n are not uploaded, but rather superseded by new versions in unstable, they are currently not removed automatically from mentors.d.n and will thus show up in the PTS. Apparently this is going to be fixed soon on mentors.d.n, so hopefully this bug won't have time to bother anyone.

  • Highlight of gift/help bugs (Debian bug #469627). We know the drill about bugs tagged help. They are now shown as a single item in the "problems" section of the PTS, in the hope to attract attention on them from people other than the package maintainer.

Bugs (user-)tagged gift on the other hand are a rather new (and thus far neglected) QA feature proposed by Lucas. Packages with gift bugs have now them shown as an extra line in the bug summary box. The idea is to point contributors to PTS pages to discover if some of the packages they are interested in have gifts for them.

As an extra gift (pun, intended) I've written for the PTS a tiny Python script to retrieve bug summaries via SOAP. The lookup is via tag, supporting both official tags and usertags. In case it can be useful to someone else, I'm putting it up for download. The PTS is using tagged it as follows:

$ "gift" "" >
$ "help" >