DebCamp8, shakiness, planes, python-debian

Well, not unexpected news, but since I've been rather quite lately it is worth reminding that I'm now at DebConf8, enjoying the DebCamp. I've arrived today after a quite long trip made of unexpected extra plane stops in Madrid (thanks Iberia for not declaring it and letting me ponder about how can it possibly take 16 hours from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, now I know the reason ...) and shaky bus hours.

First tiny teeny achievement of DebCamp (among a handful of beers already) is an upload of python-debian 0.1.11, implementing among other things support for parsed dependencies and a major overhaul changelog parsing (thanks to James Westby). Unfortunately we are going to miss Lenny with this release, but after all it is a package mostly meant for Debian Developers, so it is probably not a big deal.