preview of OCaml batteries included Debian packages

OCaml batteries included is a wonderful community-driven initiative to standardize the OCaml development platform. It is similar to initiatives sharing the same motto, like Haskell batteries included and Python batteries included (which then has become the legacy Python distribution), but I have always felt that OCaml was more desperately needing a similar initiative.

David Teller and the OCaml batteries included team have been the first actually doing something to address the frustration of many otherwise enthusiastic OCaml developers.

A couple of days ago, their efforts have given birth to a first milestone: the release of the first alpha version of batteries included.

To help out, I've released as quickly as possible the Debian packages of OCaml batteries included. You can find them in experimental (actually in NEW, at the time of writing), and from my people.d.o space.

I've only built the packages for amd64, if you need some other architecture you can build on it by yourself, but I recommend not trying to rebuild the -doc package (which takes 10 minutes on my laptop to build). You can reuse the -doc package I've built, which is arch: all, to rebuild only the -dev part unpack the source package and do fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch.