Cookies, bugs, and releases

Christian knows how to be very inspiring and provocative with his blog posts, the APT case is a very good example of how useful that can be. I believe today's post is yet another example of that, many thanks Bubulle!

Still, I stopped believing in the incompatibilities among having discussions (possibly heavy, possibly flamish) and releasing. Fact is:

  • I've been participating in the -project discussion about Debian membership. The reason why I did that is that I firmly believe we need to open up Debian to non-technical (or at least non-packager) contributors. We have been wishing that for years, no matter if/how flawed was the initial proposal, keeping the ball rolling on that aspect is very important for our project, possibly more than releasing ...

  • ... nevertheless, this did not inhibit me from taking part in the wonderful idea of the BugSprint game. In fact, I also think that I deserve some cookies, but I'm waiting to see how Joss will determine the first 5 winners :)

  • (and no, I did not gave up my job either :), I've been following the discussion on -project like 1 hour per night for a couple of random nights last week, and playing the BugSprint some hours during the past week-end)

The BugSprint has been anticipated well before the inflamatory membership reform proposal, and repeatedly advertised by Joss in various ways (kudos). Still the participation has been way too low. That has nothing to do with other "distractions".