OCaml Batteries alpha 2: Debian packages

Out of popular request (wow, people on #ocaml@freenode are very excited about the Batteries thingy, good!), I've prepared Debian packages for OCaml Batteries Included, version alpha 2 (which does include the support for transparent gzip-ed channels).

Packaging shameless plug: packaging this version has been a nice showcase for TopGit as now I've a couple of inter-dependent branches. TopGit has indeed rocked my world, yay. (Well, I also have to admit to myself that this tiny bit of TopGit mention wont assolve me from the need to advertiseblog about TopGit, ... eventually!)

Packages have been uploaded to experimental. As usually I build/upload for amd64, but experimental in Debian is auto-built so eventually the will show up also for other architectures, of course including i386. If you want to take them directly from experimental you have to add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

    deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ experimental main non-free contrib

and then install requesting explicitly experimental (for some time now, experimental is treated specially, and it won't be used by APT unless explicitly asked for):

    apt-get install -t experimental ocaml-batteries-included

The Debian version (roughly) corresponding to alpha 2 is 0.20081112+gitBB342A7-1.

Alternatively, you can grab the packages from my people.d.o space. Since people were interested I've made available both amd64 and i386 builds there.