DDPortfolio: a bunch of per-developer information

There are quite a lot of per-DD information resources out there, and I've always kept on wondering whether I was aware of all or them or not.

After having found yet another interesting view of myself as DD (the nice personal debtags page) I decide to start collecting that info.

As a (supposedly) cute name for that I chose Debian Developer Portfolio, you can find it on the DDPortfolio page on the Debian wiki. The idea is to collect there link templates to resources which show some kind of per-developer view.

Personally, it is the kind of stuff that I want to have either as bookmarks or on my homepage, but another possibility is to use it as a MoinMoin template to create personal pages on the Debian wiki.

Of course it is the kind of stuff which need help, please add to the page links to resources you know that give a per-developer view of some kind. I'm grateful in advance!

Closing notes:

  1. there were already something similar on the DD page, done by Daniel. I think a specific page is better, hence I've integrated what was there with my links and split a separate page.

  2. it is not evident how to give link templates. On one hand one wants anonymous links, on the other links that work. ATM I've created link using my login, and noted that is used as meta-syntax to be replaced.