Pimp your Git UI

Resisting the meme on planet debian about ssh tricks, I'll try to start a new one about git tricks (simply because I do want to improve my git trick portfolio :-) ).

Also, the following two are from Godog, to which I extorted an "intent to post" declaration, unattended thus far :-P Kudos for the tips!

Command aliases

Annoyed by the fact that git st doesn't do what svn st used to do? (Which gets even worse, since I do use git st waaaay more than how much I used svn st). Then enjoy command aliases with the following ~/.gitconfig lines:

br = branch
st = status


Lines for ~/.gitconfig:

ui = auto

after that enjoy your pimped git status output.

Update thanks to KiBi, I've discovered color.ui = auto which is shorter than listing all UIs you want to be color-enabled, and also more future-proof.