packages backported by yours truly

Just in case you need backported packages for DSA 1708-1 affecting backported gitweb to Etch (and in case you trust my as a builder), I've made available mines (arch amd64, signed with my DD GPG key, together with backports of build-deps).

No, sorry, no upload to bpo: I did the rebuilds in a hurry, without bothering to check the backports guidelines as I usually do before uploading to bpo.

Packages tested and working properly on medium-sized machines, including a forge-like service.

Ah, right, beware that gitweb.css changed location since the last version in bpo, the new location is /usr/share/gitweb/gitweb.css, upgrade your links / alises / whatever to avoid a 80's theme for your brand new gitweb.