Enabling ikiwiki comment with a bit of CSS

I've finally spent some time to understand why the amazing comments ikiwiki plugin was not working for me. Obviously the reason were page templates which I had customized and hence were missing the needed template variables that expand to comments links and content.

That made me wonder about keeping my ~/.ikiwiki/templates directory as a Git repository (which actually already is, even though for different reasons) which tracks Joey's ikiwiki repo for better merging future changes to upstream templates. Looks like a good idea, but I didn't have the time to testdrive it yet.

Still, I've updated my ikiwiki CSS (also available from ikiwiki's CSS market) for fancier rendering of comments and I'm quite happy about the result.

So, to the nice guy who once wrote the following in the discussion page of an old blog post of mine: p.s. this is the dumbest comment method I've ever used You were totally right!, the issue is fixed now, big up to Simon McVittie for the plugin.

/me now only dreams of an automatic conversions of old discussion pages to comment series, knowing that it is impossible in the general case due to the lack of structure :-( ...