/me for DPL

Given that it is now widespread news, I guess it's time to blog about it: I'm running for DPL in this year elections, i.e.: zack for DPL!.

Am I out of my mind?
Possibly :-)

It started as a joke at last DebConf, with my (naked or dressed ...) room mates spreading that rumor. Then the idea grows into me ... and now here I am. (IOW: I'm pretending I'm not entirely guilty of inflicting another platform to be read.)

Apparently we are just two candidates: me and the "ticket" Steve-Luk.

For the moment I've to spare a page where I will collect material about the election, and a couple of feelings:

  • Sending the nomination mail is embarrassing: we are used to do only technical stuff in Debian, declaring our will of taking care for a while of our non-technical issues ain't easy.

  • Preparing a platform is an intriguing experience. Whining about our problems is a thing. Trying to distill them in an organized list, and think about long term solutions is a totally different one. I suggest to try writing your own "platform" even if you are not candidate, and even when there are no DPL elections around (as Joey and HE did a while ago, IIRC, in the form of blog posts). It can be a rewarding exercise.

Version 1.0 of my platform has been submitted to the secretary, and is now available from my homepage.

If you have questions, for me or the other candidates, just post them on -vote: campaigning has just started, I'm confident it will be fun!

Update the platform is now available from the vote page