DPL candidacy woes

Well, time to face it publicly: I lost and Steve/Luk won, it is as simple as that :-)

This post is to:

  • congratulate with Steve and Luk for the result, I wish you a happy and fruitful DPL term

  • thanks all the people which supported me, in particular:

    • lucas, paravoid, and gismo: my candidacy started as a typical "DebConf joke"; if then it has become a reality is for friends like them insisting (or pretending :-P) I was up to the task. Actually, I'm quite happy about the result, so it was definitely worth trying!

    • all the people which contributed comments for my platform, a list in no particular order follows (in the hope of not having forgot anyone!): madduck, enrico, lucas, tbm, godog, gismo, gregoa, dato, ralf, paravoid, buxy. Thank you guys, my platform would have been much worst without your input.

    • all the people who voted for me (of course!)

All in all, standing for DPL has been worth and interesting no matter the result.

Time to get back to my usual Debian duties now ...