TurboGears 2 packaging - (another) status update

Brief status update on TG2 packaging. As expected, this week has been very busy and I'm writing the update offline on a train, but nevertheless I've good news to share:

  • a lot of packages uploaded to NEW have been accepted. Please join me in welcoming to the experimental archive: python-toscawidgets, python-repoze.who{,-plugins}, python-repoze.what{,-plugins}, python-webflash. Thanks to ftp-masters for the quick processing of these days.

  • python-tg.devtools (which provides the integration with paster to quickstart TG2 projects) has been both ITP-ed and uploaded to experimental/NEW (as usual, it is also available from my repository on people.d.o, see my first post on TG2 packaging for access details).

  • zope.sqlalchemy (build-dep for the tg.devtools tests) has been packaged by the Zope team, and will uploaded "soon"

  • the packaging of turbogears2 itself has been resurrected starting from the last work on it in the Python Module Team repository by Gustavo Noronha (which, BTW, has been terribly useful in clarifying various doubts of mine around related software products, thanks Kov!)

... the last item above would theoretically mean that TG2 is already usable, but it is not the case due to the infamous #507909 which breaks both TG2 and TG1 in unstable (the latter was working in Lenny, and I had to resort to a Lenny chroot for a recent course I've taught about web development). In short, turbojson is in unstable, in spite of the lack of several of its dependencies, making impossible any import of it.

  • to fix that, I've started by ITP-ing PEAK_rules, but haven't yet had time to complete its packaging. A few more will come next.

..., stay tuned, keep faith, bear with me, almost there, ... etc.