wanna-build, edos-builddebcheck-powered

Cool hacks happen at debconf, as usual.

I've talked a bit about the research work we are doing in the Mancoosi project regarding formal study of dependencies among (Debian) packages. All in all, people in the project (not only me!) are also maintaining tools inherited from the EDOS project and in particular things like:

  • edos-debcheck checks for the installability of packages given via APT's Packages file. It has been used daily for QA purposes since a while now

  • edos-builddebcheck (shipped in the same package), which is a wrapper around edos-debcheck (by coincidence, developed at last year's DebConf by me and Ralf Treinen) which checks for installability of build dependencies

Just yesterday nomeata tortured wanna-build to integrate edos-builddebcheck into it. That way, wanna-build will discover in advance whether a package is unbuildable due to uninstallable build-deps; if this is the case, the package will be put in a new state (which will be rechecked at archive change) without bothering the buildd maintainer.

Very cool, thanks nomeata!

Wanna Build
I believe that it is important to build in a package that is installable and stable otherwise what the point to doing all that hard work.
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