RCBW - week #3

And this week we have a new player, welcome on board David!

This week summary of mine follows
(As usual, dates are not strictly the day in which a bug has been dealt with, but rather the day of the week I assigned a bug to).

  • 14/09/2009 Debian bug #526579 - elisa - change CDBS hook to which register cleanup actions (FTBFS)
  • 15/09/2009 Debian bug #535299 - gambc - fix debian/control line continuations (patch from KiBi)
  • 16/09/2009 Debian bug #527789 - apertium-es-pt - fix build w apertium 3.1 (it's incredible how slightly different the various apertium thingies are ...)
  • 17/09/2009 Debian bug #518745 - cbmplugs - use pkg-config in place of b0rken sed magic (patch from Tzafrir Cohen)
  • 18/09/2009 Debian bug #529872 - kaffe - generalize build-dep on gcj: gcj-4.2 is gone
  • 19/09/2009 Debian bug #533959, Debian bug #527514 - turbotinymce - obsolete with TG2, trigger RM/RoM
  • 20/09/2009 Debian bug #534024 - apertium-tolk - fix build w apertium 3.1 (build-deps and configure.in)

Comments / ponderings of this week:

  • Sometimes, a NMU for a package which is otherwise rotten can help also in the sense that it can force the maintainer to realize that the package should be removed and file a RM/RoM request. It happened wtih turbotinymce this week (not listed above)

  • David, you sure about ann? Did you try the resulting package? I give it a try last week, but the trivial patch attached to the bug log, while it fixes the build problem, gave a non-working package to me. I ran out of investigation time before being able to post any useful feedback to the buglog.