RCBW - week #10

Here is this week squashes, by yours truly (also truly amazed by the simple fact of having reached the 10th RCBW week, my DDPO NMU section probably hates me now):

  • 09/11/2009 Debian bug #545652 - dfsbuild - fix build w/ GHC 6.10 (use OldException)
  • 10/11/2009 Debian bug #552668 - kernel-patch-badram - add missing target binary-arch
  • 11/11/2009 Debian bug #552666 - liblockfile-ruby - add missing target binary-arch
  • 12/11/2009 Debian bug #556034 - libbatteries-ocaml-dev - rebuild against recent sexplib
  • 13/11/2009 Debian bug #553011 - sdate - add dh_installdeb to fix lack of ldconfig in postinst
  • 14/11/2009 Debian bug #553124 - libapreq2 - move dh_installdeb to fix lack of ldconfig in postinst
  • 15/11/2009 Debian bug #540493 - libcgi-application-basic-plugin-bundle-perl - fix file overwrite when upgrading from Lenny

This week I've made (once more) a friday/saturdary rush to keep up, mostly because during the week I've been traveling (again) back to Italy and also because on mon/tue we invited Luk in Paris to discuss some Mancoosi-powered Britney (potential) improvements (and yes, have some fun also. BTW, Yves, Ralf was not visiting, he has been teaching in Paris for quite a while now :-) ). More on this as soon as the advantages will turn potentiality into reality.

To conclude ... drum roll ... please join me in cherishing this week new RCBW participant, welcome on board Tim!