RCBW - week #8

This week I'm behind schedule. Part of the reason is that, after all the traveling (first the GSoC mentors summit, where I met several other Debian folks, then a work meeting in Lisbon), I got sick again for a while: plain flu, no H1N1 yet :-)

Now that I'm finally feeling better ... here is a (delayed) weekly RCBW update; as usual, dates are mostly indicative.

This week, you might have noticed an upward spike of about 200 bugs in the RC bug graph: that's Manoj reporting a lot of neglected violations of policy "MUST" requirements. No matter what's your take on how those bugs have been reported, all of them (up to false positives) are indeed bugs of RC severity.

So roll up your sleeves and join RCBW, we will be freezing soon.