I posted like 3 o 4 messages to an Ubuntu mailing list in my life; it happened when they discussed DEP-3, which I think can help in syncing patches between the 2 distros (or, if you want, in removing one more excuse for not doing that).

When I did that, I posted with my @debian.org address.

If I have upload rights to Ubuntu, I would certainly use my @debian.org address, to show to the Ubuntu community where I come from.

Now, why then should a @ubuntu.com guy do anything different when uploading to Debian, no matter which rights he has earned in the (Debian) project? Or better, sure he can do it differently, but why should we ask he to do that?


DDs have different "philosophies" about which address they use in Maintainer/Uploaders fields: some of them consistently use @debian.org address in every package they (co-)maintain; some other use some of their non-Debian addresses. Shouldn't the latter choice be completely orthogonal to whether they have a @ubuntu.com address?


As Gaudenz has shown in his master thesis (there's a very nice DC9 talk about that), Debian has surely lost a lot of "contributors" (people that interact on lists, BTS, ...) in favor of Ubuntu, but has not lost "uploaders" (Gaudenz' names were actually different, but I can't remember them and the slides are in German, which I can't read :-/). In fact, there is a flow of people which become uploaders to Debian, that come from Ubuntu; that flow most likely compensates the decrease in the number of Debian contributors which become uploaders. So, let's face it, we will have at least for a while people coming from Ubuntu uploading to our archive, possibly/hopefully because they like more our free ideals and democratic project management.

These are my personal reasons for finding some rants pointless.

(But still, that rant finally gave me the opportunity to mention Gaudenz's work, which I've found pretty impressive!)

get a life! (no not you)
I really respect your post and the content that it includes but people really should get a life and stop worrying about email addresses... I can't think of a more stupid topic to discuss.
Comment by Nico Golde Mon 09 Nov 2009 07:53:33 PM CET
Gaudenz Talk broken?

Hi, I just downloaded the DC9 Talk you mentioned, video is fine, but the voice seems to be gone. Only some weird sounds instead. Did the video work for you?

thx memnon

Comment by memnon Tue 10 Nov 2009 01:20:55 AM CET
Not using my debian addy at all..
I actually use my non-debian.org address exclusively for uploads these days, since all I'm getting on my debian.org address is spam anyway, so I'm filtering it very aggressively. To avoid losing relevant e-mails about my packages, I want them sent to my real e-mail address directly.
Comment by Wilmer Tue 10 Nov 2009 02:36:14 AM CET
Re: Gaudenz Talk Broken
I haven't checked the video, since I was actually there at DC9, attending the talk. So sorry, but I don't know what happen with the video, maybe you can ask on #debconf ?
Comment by zack Tue 10 Nov 2009 09:05:37 AM CET
Talk fine!

Sorry for the noise, Video works perfectly with VLC. Seems like I found a bug in mplayer ...

Comment by Memnon Tue 10 Nov 2009 08:13:37 PM CET