RCBW - week #15

Here are last weektoday squashes, by yours truly:

Some highlights:

  • last week I've been incredibly busy at work to finish up some pre-xmas-holiday duties: hence today I've took half a day of BSP at home to "catch up"
  • the above finally convinced me to drop the dates from my reports, they are quite pointless: my personal goal is simply one RC bug per day on average, the actual day of the week is irrelevant
  • Lucas strikes back: the huge peek up in the RC bug graph is the result of his last rebuilt, several (most?) FTBFS new bugs are due to the recent switch to gcc 4.4 (err, of course thanks Lucas for his rebuilds, they are a significant part of our QA efforts)
  • ... the good news is that Ubuntu has apparently switched to gcc 4.4 already and most gcc-4.4-related issues come with a patch from them. In particular, several of the bugs fixed above thank Fabrice Coutadeur from Ubuntu for his patches
  • my Luk's bug feed is empty again ..., pretty please?