resurrecting CamlJava (testers welcome)

CamlJava is a great project by almighty Xavier that bridges the OCaml and Java worlds via the respective C interfaces (Caml/C interface for OCaml and JNI for Java).

Unfortunately, the last stable release was a bit out of date and seemed not to work with recent JDK (both in terms of buildability and of runtime correctness, i.e., segfaults). With the tremendous help of Grégoire Henry, I've managed to prepare a set of patches that enables to build (and use without segfaults ...) CamlJava with recent JVM: in particular it seems now to work with both Sun's JVM and OpenJDK.

A Debian package has been prepared; while it gets processed by archive manager, you can get an equivalent unofficial package from my APT repo:

    deb zack-unstable/
    deb-src zack-unstable/

Any form of testing is very welcome.

In case you want to try O'Jacare on top of CamlJava however, you need to wait a bit more: Grégoire is working on it, but in the process he banged his head against bugs in both CamlP4 and CamlP5 (the only two available porting paths from the last stable release of O'Jacare) :-)

Update 1: we made into this week Caml Weekly News

Update 2: even if I haven't been contacted yet, Xavier has registered a Caml/Java project on the OCaml forge, good sign! :-)