RCBW - #17

Given that my "most blogged" Debian activity since last summer has been RCBW, what else could be my first post of 2010 if not a RCBW update? With further ado, here are this week squashes by yours truly:

No particular remarks, but a long overdue tip of the week: the turmzimmer BTS interface is a great tool for bug squashing. Still, it has a issue with comments which can slow down some activities, but which you can help getting better! First of all you should know that comments are per-package and not per-bug (which might not be obvious, especially since often packages listed on the page have just one bug per-package). That means that you should generally mention the bug you are referring to when you post comments, unless the comments are really package-specific.

Additionally, old comments are persistent, so you might get baffled by old comments that "invalidate" current issues. So, if you notice a comment that predates the actual bug numbers, please remove the comment by editing it and stating "no comment" in the form.

Ah, happy new year (in case you care about sharp, calendar-based time partitions).

thanks for closing finally this bug! I appreciate your unfailing efforts making Debian better. :)
Comment by Ferdinand Ebert Sun 03 Jan 2010 04:46:29 PM CET
re: #544113

Eh, "unfailing" it is not really true, but thanks anyhow :-)

BTW, thank you for having prepared a similar NMU for the bug at subject: I did not sponsor it (as I usually do in these occasions), simply because I also fixed some of the grave lintian issues that you noticed too.

Comment by zack Sun 03 Jan 2010 10:48:41 PM CET