RCBW - #21

I've accumulated one more day of delay, but here is a full RCBW issue. Still, I've a nice good excuse for the extra delay: I've changed house in Paris, the new one is very small (a chambre de bonne), but also very comfortable.

Without any further ado, here are this week's squashes:

And here are the usual highlights:

  • a quote from #debian-devel, on 10/02/2010:

        (11:41:49) Zhenech: zack, damn you, now you infected me with the nmu virus :P
        (11:42:08) zack: Zhenech: yay, another one \o/
        (11:42:30) zack: Zhenech: can I quote you? ;-)
        (11:42:45) Zhenech: zack, only if you don't sell it to elsevier ;)
        (11:43:12) zack: deal!
  • in some particular cases RC bugs can be "fixed" by requesting the removal of a package from testing (when it is not appropriate to remove the involved packages completely from the archive, which is often the case). As I didn't that much often in the past, I forgot how to do that: just file a bug against release.debian.org respecting the usual removal conventions

  • gregor hermann is my hero

  • bernd zeimez posted on planet an impressive summary of Moenchengladbach's BSP