RCBW - #23

Wacky week, last week.

Not only I've (almost) completed my moving to the new house, but we have also had guests in the lab for some full-immersion-paper-writing. That had left very little time for RC squashing, but I've catched up a bit in the week-end.

Without any further ado, here are this week's squashes:

Random points:

  • call for help, if you are a libtool guru there is some work for you: bugs like Debian bug #559822 need your help (very old code, using very old libltdl stuff, need to be ported to recent, non-buggy libltdl code and to use the system copy of the library ...).

  • my personal RC bug monitor (hence very biased) currently reports 278 RC bugs. Also, I've the impression that the ratios of new bugs coming in vs ancient ones getting fixed equate. If that is true, it would be a pity not to freeze this month.
    ... what are you doing here? still reading this blog post? go squash a RC bug!

In totally unrelated news: I've bought my ticket for DebConf10 (YAY!), according to my usual debconf customs: 4 days of debcamp + all the conf. See you there (in a while). ... and congrats to Adnan for the winning DebConf11 bid!