RCBW - #25

Last (long) week has finally passed: first in Geneve visiting Gismo, then in Sierre/Crans-Montana to present a paper at SAC 2010, then back in Paris for half a day before a day in Bruxelles for the 2nd year Mancoosi project review. (And of course campaigning has always been going on ...) All went fine and I can finally relax a bit for a week-end back "home" (i.e. Paris).

Regarding RCBW, it looks like that in the past 2 months I've stabilized around 3 issues per month, which makes me happy nevertheless. Without any further ado, here are this weekissue's squashes:

Random points:

  • Up and downs in the "RCBW community": gregoa rock's (as usual) whereas Lucas is subverting the rules! (bad Lucas, bad).

  • Some of the side comments by Gregor made me realize that I have probably chosen the wrong tagline/acronym for RCBW, as the point is not really keeping a sustained average (or feel bad about not keeping it), but rather doing that "constantly" in some available Debian time slots, as well as trying having others do the same.

  • Clint has commented on BSPs also mentioning RCBW. (I mention en passant that I've never claimed RCBW to be innovative, as my kudos show; my memory is short though, I'll be happy to integrate the list with pointers to similar initiative more far in the past.) The idea of newbie/teaching-oriented BSPs is just wonderful, it only needs some motivated people to (continue) organizing them.